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8 Facts about Lina

1. The Thalmor bounty on Lina's head is based on an in-game event where the Thalmor attacked her and after killing them, I found a note saying Lina was an enemy of the Aldmeri Dominion. And Lina constantly being mistaken for a Thalmor is based on real-world reactions I get when I tell people I play as an Altmer.

2. Originally, I wanted Lina to favor lightning spells over fire spells, but I have a habit of turning my videogame avatars into pyros and Lina was no exception. Aside from that, she fully embraces her status as Dragonborn and her love of fire is a result of the fact that she is technically part dragon (and in my headcanon, her dragon soul has been subconsciously influencing her since she was a child).

3. Lina is ambidextrous and will use whichever hand is most convenient for what she is doing at the time. She also secretly takes pride in this ability.

4. Lina can speak three languages fluently: Altmeri language (referred to as Elvish in my fanfic), common tongue, and Dragon Tongue (though she has not learned the last one in my fanfic yet). She also speaks with an accent that makes it apparent that she is a native to the Summerset Isles.

5. Before I decided to make Lina and Alduin a couple, I considered Onmund as a potential love-interest for Lina. I dropped the idea because any romance between them felt forced and I preferred their relationship as a close friendship/brother-sister bond. For some reason Alduin/Lina (Alduina) romance felt more natural.

6. The only member of the Imperial Legion that Lina does not hate is Legate Rikke and they eventually grow to respect each other. The only Stormcloak she does not hate is Ralof, but Lina has yet to encounter him after Helgen.

7. Lina used to know how to play a flute, but has not done so since she was a teenager and has since lost that skill. She also tends to sing "Ragnar the Red" or "The Dragonborn Comes" when she's drunk.

8. Lina originally wore an Amulet of Talos just because I wanted the reduced Shout cooldown time. That was before I knew who Talos was and after I learned more about him, Lina became a proud Talos worshiper and still wears her Amulet of Talos everywhere. She won't even remove it to sleep.

I tag whoever wants to do this (and I don't care if I'm breaking the last rule).
  • Listening to: Skyrim Soundtrack
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  • Watching: Zootopia
  • Playing: Guild Wars 2
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United States
I consider myself an anime artist, but I also do a variety of art projects. Anime is just my favorite style to draw in. I also do a little writing and my current writing project is a Skyrim fanfiction titled "Dovahkiin Fahliil."

I have created several ocs. Now I have too many of them and I'm still making more. Most of my ocs are strong, non stereotypical girls and the reason is that I do not like the stereotypical view of females.

I also take requests for drawings and arttrades.

Youtube Channel:… Account:…

Current Residence: Whiterun, Skyrim
Favourite genre of music: Mostly rock and metal
Favourite style of art: manga/anime
Operating System: computer?
MP3 player of choice: ipod touch
Shell of choice: Ones on the beach
Favourite cartoon character: Prowl, Toph, Arcee, Knock Out, Zuko, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Breakdown, Aang, Katara, Korra....
Personal Quote: Never apologize for your art.


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ThewarriorDraganta Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Are you familiar with the concept of c0da?
dragongirl117 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
No. Why?
ThewarriorDraganta Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
It's a supposedly integral part of TES lore and it's also really stupid. It's a "Holy text" in quotes, written by Michael Kirkbride (the guy who created the lore for Morrowind) and used by the TES lore community to validate their theories, fanfictions ETC.

According to the C0da, their is no canon within the Elder scrolls, so it can get really, really stupid when you use it to mix the elder scrolls with other (In my opinion) better works, such as the Forgotten Realms, LOTR and the like.
dragongirl117 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017
Um...Okay. It doesn't sound like a particularly useful tool.
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Fanatic97 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017
Plushtrap: *paws at Ruskin as He sleeps, wanting to go I a walk* Ruff
dragongirl117 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017
Ruskin: *half asleep* Go back to sleep Plushie.

Iona: *waking up* Ruskin, Plushtrap wants to go walking.

(Sorry for the lack of responses lately. I've been busy with college and this week I've caught a nasty cold)
Fanatic97 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017
Plush: *whines And paws again*

(I understand. Ouch, I'm sorry about that, I actually got the norovirus two weeks ago)
dragongirl117 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017
Iona: *sighs* Get over here Plushtrap. I want to go hunting anyways and Ruskin's too busy sleeping to take you for a walk.

(Being sick is the worst, but that sounds even more unpleasant than the cold I'm currently dealing with)
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Fanatic97 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017
Is it wrong that I'm cackling when I found out about the Valve Sky Rim mod?

If you haven't heard, it adds someone to the game. You go to Whiterun's Western Watchtower..and then a meteor starts to fall from the sky..and it's shouting 


I am not kidding 
AkiraHikawa Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2016  Professional General Artist
I'm glad you like my drawing Monarch Fairy…! I hope you will follow my next artwork :)
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